"Love makes you do crazy shit"
Six Word Story (via n0—boundaries)

Dear body,

You are not too fat nor are you too thin. You are perfectly shaped in the spitting image of flawless.

Your boobs aren’t the biggest, or maybe they are too big, but either way they are not the most prominent quality of you. If boobs are all there is to a relationship, you wouldn’t want to be in one at all.

Your butt is the perfect size - petite or big enough to write a song about - your butt is the perfect size. No bass could even compare to the musical set you have playing above your thighs. Your butt is a beautiful thing and if said otherwise, they can say it right to its charm.

Your thighs can shut the world up. Your thighs gives your relatives a reason to walk and strut through the streets of the city and if they are slim, if they are not slim, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your thighs.

Your stomach is proud to be full. Your stomach does not care if it overlaps the waistband of your jeans nor does it care that it pokes out under your sweatshirt. Your stomach likes to eat and that is beautiful. Your stomach is proud to be healthy.

So dear body, please stop being sad about yourself because it’s making me frown too. There is not a flaw in the world that can attack your etherealness even if it had teeth and claws. You are a very beautiful thing and if no one else can see it but us, it can be our own little heart warming secret.

Yours truly,

a letter to your body (via journalinq)
"I am beginning to measure myself in strength, not pounds. Sometimes in smiles."
Laurie Halse Anderson, Wintergirls (via throwingstonesback)